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International Services - [ fees & expenses ]

Estimated Fees and Expenses Per Year
for 2013-2014
Total Tuition & Fee1
In-state portion $6772.00
Out-of-state Portion $10,188.00
Room & Board2 $8,647.00
Books & Supplies $1,200.00
Personal & Transportation3 $5,051.00
Required Medical Insurance $1,282.00
One time tuberculosis chest x-ray fee $60.00
International Fees [Fall, Spring, Summer] $300.00
Total $33,500.00

1 Based on 12-19 Hours. Subject to change without notice.

2 Weighted average of different residence hall fees.

3 Expenses vary according to individual needs and spending practices.

* Does not include summer school tution or inter session charges, since students are not required to attend summer sessions or inter sessions

Architecture and Engineering students are required to purchase a personal lap-top computer. Therefore, these students should plan to purchase these items during their first year of studies. The cost for these computers are:

For Architecture students.........................................$3,500
For Engineering students..........................................$2,500
(The difference in prices is based on the software packages required.)

This budget is for a single student. Those bringing dependents must budget an additional $3,850 per year for the first dependent and $3,850 per year for each additional dependent.

This budget does not include travel to and from the home country or vacation travel in the U.S.

The student may make choices about living accommodations or other expenses which would cost more than the amounts listed above. This is an estimate of minimal expenses only.

Each student must arrive on campus with at least $800 in cash to cover settling-in expenses. In addition, tuition is due in full in U.S. currency upon registration. Fees are subject to change without notice.

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