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Brooks Hill

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Hello! My name is Brooks Hill, and I am from Madison, MS! I am a recent graduate of Mississippi State with a degree in Public Relations, and I love meeting and communicating with new people. In my free time, I love to go to new places and hang out with my friends! My personal hobbies include fitness, Mississippi State sporting events, and traveling! I chose to take my picture in front of McComas Hall, or as it is sometimes referred to as the Piano Building. This is the place where I learned my favorite skill, communication, which also happened to be my major here at MSU! I love this building for its unique layout and because of all the relationships, life lessons, and memories I made here. 

Get to know me

What is the One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss:

The one experience each student should NOT miss is a weekend of baseball at “The Dude”, or Dudy Noble Field! Even if baseball isn’t your thing, the family atmosphere and food in the Left Field Lounge are hard to beat!

Best place to study on campus:

The best place to study on campus in my opinion is the third floor of McCool Hall! There are a bunch of hallways, tables, benches, and other nooks and crannies that you can find to get a good study session in!

Most memorable class at MSU:

My favorite class at MSU was my last class, PR Orgs, with my favorite professor, Dr. Fisher. Being able to learn so much practical knowledge from a person that I respect and admire was really a blessing and a great opportunity!

Activities, clubs, and service projects I was involved with:

I was a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity from 2015-2020 and served on its executive council in 2017-2018. I also was a member of the HailState Productions team, where I worked as a camera operator for all MSU sports on campus!

Favorite Starkville Restaurant:

My favorite restaurant in Starkville has got to be the Central Station Grill. Its brunch options are the best in town!!