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McCool Hall is where I started my journey as a Marketing major. However, McCool isn’t just for business students. It’s a great place to study and host organizational meetings. You’ll always meet someone new here!

Cowbell Chats

Get to know me

What is your favorite tradition at MSU?

My favorite tradition would have to be the NPHC Step Show during Homecoming Week! It’s a great time for all the NPHC organizations to engage in friendly competition by stepping and strolling for the student body.

What did you do between classes?

Between classes you would most likely find me taking a quick nap in the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center. HCDC is a great place for all students to relax in between classes, and it houses many different organizations for students to join!

Favorite MSU Professor:

Professor Cecelia Cook is an amazing instructor for the College of Business. I loved taking her Legal Environment of Business (Business Law) course because she’s very interactive and a practicing attorney.

What is your favorite on-campus treat?

F’real shakes are amazing! The Village is a snack spot located in Griffis Hall and that’s the go-to place for a shake. You can watch the shake spin and twirl so it’s entertaining and filling!

When you visit Starkville, be sure and...

When you visit Starkville, be sure to grab a sweet treat from Starkvegas Snowballs. They have the best snowballs, and I wish I could eat them all year round!

These are a few of my favorite things….

Beyoncé, Kit-Kats, singing, and YouTube videos!