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Emily Pyron

  • Houston & East Texas
  • California


Hi! My name is Emily Pyron and I am from Jackson, MS. I am a third-generation bulldog and I love Mississippi State sports, especially MSU baseball, which is why Dudy Noble is my favorite place on campus. I love the tradition of MSU baseball and it means a lot to me because I grew up going to games with my grandparents. Attending a baseball game at Dudy Noble is the perfect place to experience one of MSU's greatest traditions and the atmosphere is like no other. 

Get to know me

The highlight of my experience at MSU:

The MSU vs. Auburn football game my freshman year in 2014 when we won and became #1 in football. I will never forget that game and what the atmosphere was like!

Favorite season on campus:

I love Fall on campus! The campus looks so beautiful in the Fall and it is such a fun time of the year on campus due to football season.

Favorite MSU Professor:

My favorite professor on campus is Dr. Dooley. I took several counseling classes from her during my Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program at MSU. She encouraged and pushed me and helped me to realize that I wanted to work with students in Higher Education.

My favorite on-campus treat is…

My favorite on-campus treat is a dog bone cookie from the MSU Bakery. They are the best cookies around and I always crave them when I leave Starkville!

Favorite Starkville Restaurant:

My favorite Starkville restauarnt is Starkville Café. I love the history of Starkville Café, it feels like home to me, and they have the best bacon and coffee. I have so many memories there with friends and family which makes me love it even more.

These are a few of my favorite things….

Coffee, traveling, and MSU sports!