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Hi! My name is Jaye West, and I am from Vicksburg, MS. One of my favorite parts of the campus tour is showing prospective students the Drill Field, which got its name from when the Army ROTC Cadets use to perform morning and evening drill on the field in the middle of campus. Today, the Drill Field is the center of campus activity where students read or play frisbee between classes or meet up with friends for coffee in the Union. Let's talk about what it will take for you to be walking on the Drill Field as an MSU student!

Cowbell Chats

Get to know me

What is your favorite MSU tradition?

The Cowbell - Ringing a cowbell at a game is ten times more fun than waving a pompom.

What's one word to describe the atmosphere at MSU?


What was your major at MSU?

I graduated in Psychology in undergrad and in Student Affairs in grad school.

What was your favorite part of living in a residence hall?

Meeting people - We would all leave our doors open and hang out or study in the hallways; now the residence halls have study rooms and lots of cool places to hang out.

What is your favorite restaurant in Starkville?

The Grill - so delicious!

Why did you choose to become an admissions counselor?

I fell in love with spreading the MSU gospel when I was an Orientation Leader, and I still love being able to share MSU with students. I enjoy assisting students with making one of the biggest decisions of their lives; it is a huge honor!