Background Image Alternative Text: Joey Tufts on the Drill Field with McCool Hall behind him.

Joey Tufts

  • North Mississippi


My photo was taken outside of McCool Hall since I graduated from the College of Business in May 2018. Between classes and studying, the majority of my time spent on campus was inside of McCool so this photo is extremely fitting to my time as a student. This is also the view from the Drill Field, which overall is one of my favorite parts of campus as it gives students a very easy and convenient route to and from their residence halls and other academic buildings.

Cowbell Chat

Get to know me

Favorite fun fact about MSU:

The reasoning behind the name of the Junction and the railroad tracks that still lie on the sidewalks.

Favorite season on campus:

Springtime, baseball weekends are tough to beat.

The main reason I chose MSU:

I visited a college fair in High School and came to the university. The welcoming people and atmosphere gave me a great first impression and the out-of-state scholarship opportunities helped make my decision.

Activities, clubs, and service projects I was involved with:

I spent time with Freshman Forum and Class Council under the Student Association, I also was a member of Maroon VIP Touring Services and held the official positions of Philanthropy Chair, Recruitment Chair and President for the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

Favorite Starkville Restaurant:

Restaurant Tyler, but the best quick-bite place is definitely Pita Pit. It is one of the most slept on places in Starkville.

Something about you that surprises people:

I grew up playing hockey. There's not a lot of people at Mississippi State that know much about hockey, but there is a club team here that I played on for a few years. Definitely a fun time if you're ever able to get up to Tupelo for one of their games!