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Margaret Burke

  • Florida Panhandle
  • South Alabama


Hey, Future Bulldogs! My name is Margaret Burke, and I grew up in southern Louisiana. Coming to MSU as an out-of-state student was really overwhelming and scary for me. However, I’m grateful that my 18 year old self made that decision. Looking back, I have a lot of favorite places on campus, but Hull Hall has to be at the top of my list! This is the residence hall I lived in and so many things happened that first year that changed my life. My (now) husband picked me up for our first date on these steps, and the “first look” at our wedding took place here four years later. As an Admissions Counselor and an alumni, I promise that MSU will take care of you every step of the way. Your time in Starkville will not only be the best years of your life, but it will continue to change the course of your life for the rest of it!

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The highlight of my experience at MSU:

My husband and I got married at the Chapel of Memories the summer after graduation. It was so special having all of our friends and family together in our favorite place!

Favorite place on campus:

My chocolate lab learned how to swim in Lake Chadwick when she was a puppy and we have so many sweet memories there. She still seems to recognize it when we go back to visit, which makes it that much sweeter!

What advice do you have for future students?

Study hard, but really allow yourself time to enjoy the MSU "experience." I left Starkville with so much more than just a college degree!

Activities, clubs, and service projects I was involved with:

My family loves Habitat for Humanity so getting a chance to pour into the community alongside Mississippi State was really exciting for me!

When you visit Starkville, be sure and….

Catch an afternoon baseball game at Dudy Noble! Even if you don't like baseball, the experience will make you a fan of both the sport and Mississippi State.

Why did you choose to become an admissions counselor?

Mississippi State changed my life and it is such a joy getting to be even a small part of someone else's decision to join the Bulldog family!