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Molly Cannon

  • Mississippi Delta & Rankin County


Hey friends! I am Molly Cannon and I am from Greenwood, MS. My degree is Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Education, Psychology, and Social Work. I spent a lot of my time studying and hanging out in the Baptist Student Union. I met so many of my friends here, made so many memories, and spent one year on the Leadership Team serving as the Special Events Coordinator. I am so excited to represent Mississippi State as your Admissions Counselor!

Cowbell Chats

Get to know me

What was the highlight of your experience at MSU?

Attending the Final Four game and winning at the buzzer; sledding in canoes at North Farm when it snowed.

Favorite season on campus?

Definitely fall - The yellow trees on engineering row.

Favorite MSU Professor:

Jada Johnson - She challenges her students to grow in areas that are weak and also gives opportunities to build on their strengths.

What is your favorite on-campus treat?

Einstein coffee & bagels!

Favorite Starkville Restaurant?

Starkville Cafe!

These are a few of my favorite thingsā€¦.

I love my standard poodle Briggs, playing tennis, and being outside.