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Morgan Alexander

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Thompson Hall is the College of Forest Resources, the college from which I received my bachelor's degree. I spent a lot of time there and still frequently visit the faculty and professors there. The courtyard is one of my favorite places because it has great scenic foliage. All the plants that are planted outside and around Thompson Hall, are plants that are required for Wildlife students to learn for our plant ID classes. So I like to do some light plant ID while I'm there so I don't get rusty! 

Get to know me

What is the One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss: 

Tailgating in the Junction on Football Saturdays!

Favorite season on campus:

I love both the Fall and Spring on Campus! During the Fall the leaves on the ginkgo trees turn a beautiful golden color and in the Spring the tulips (my favorite flower) are so beautiful!

Favorite Class Project at MSU:

For Mammology we had to prepare the skull or skin of a mammal for our lab project. It was definitely a first for me. We had to find our own mammals and prepare them. I ended up skinning and stuffing an opossum. It was the messiest project I have ever done, but it was so much fun!

Favorite Student Organization & why:

The Society of African American Studies (SAAS). I enjoyed being a member of SAAS (President 2018-2019) because of the fun and engaging programs we got to do. I enjoyed being a part of an organization that is supported by an Academic Program (The African American Studies Program). Being a part of SAAS helped me to develop important skills as well as gave me a community of people with who I could share my experiences. I love SAAS because every program was a Safe Space, where everyone could share their stories without judgment. More importantly, SAAS continues to create programs that tackle social issues and make MSU feel like home for everyone!

When you visit Starkville, be sure and….

Grab some frozen yogurt at Local Culture

Why did you choose to become an admissions counselor?

I truly enjoy working with students and helping them transition to this next phase in their academic careers. I also love being a support system for students who are navigating college. I would not have had the amazing college experience that I had if it were not for the support of faculty, staff and administration. I want to give current and incoming students the same support that I had.