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Rob Butler

  • North Mississippi


Hey, y’all!! My name is Rob Butler, and I’m from Nashville, TN, however now I am a local of Starkville, MS! This college town has become a home, and I love how the city and the University embrace each other. The community is unlike anywhere else! I took my picture at the Chapel of Memories because of the ample amount of time I spent there while in school! I am a graduate of MSU Class of ’21! During my time at the university, I was involved in Greek Life and was a member of Beta Upsilon Chi, which held several events in the Chapel. The best part of MSU has been the lifelong friendships and memories made here. I look forward to chatting with you about MSU and any questions that you may have!

Get to know me

Favorite fun fact about MSU:

One of the coolest things is we have a “moon tree”. Astronauts took the tree to the moon as a seed. It was then planted here.

Between classes, you would….

I would always grab lunch with friends! Sometimes I would study. I had so many amazing conversations and fun times around campus.

Tips for college success:

Get plugged in and build relationships with faculty. Invest in those relationships for when you are struggling in classes or in life.

Favorite Memory from a student organization or club:

My favorite memory was planning and executing the 25th-anniversary concert for 91.1 WMSV, or Old Main Music Fest each year. With WMSV we’d all be together getting the community out for great music and an amazing time.

When you visit Starkville, be sure and….

Definitely get breakfast at Starkville cafe and then travel through downtown on Main Street.

These are a few of my favorite things….

I love Star Wars, Harry Potter, and plants (I have 30 at my house). One of my favorite things to do is go on long walks by myself out in nature. I also love reading books or getting a group of people together to hang out. I love fishing. I have a dog as well, his name is Curly and his hair is not curly at all.