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Ryan King

  • Atlanta Metro, South Georgia,
  • South Carolina


Hey there! My name is Ryan, and my hometown is Meridian, MS. I love traveling and seeing new places, and Mississippi State is definitely one of my all-time favorite places on the planet!! I lived in Starkville for 9 years, and so MSU certainly became a home away from home for me. I like to find new places to walk and hike, to play with my dog Twyla, and I’m always planning my next trip! One of the things I love about MSU so much is the diversity on campus. The Perry Cafeteria is lined with flags from every country we have had students from. It is one of my favorite places because the flags capture our cultural diversity and because the rib vault ceilings remind me of the Great Hall in Harry Potter. I love to share my university with others, so please reach out if you have any questions!

Cowbell Chats

Get to know me

What is the One Experience Students Shouldn't Miss: 

International Fiesta on the Drill Field in Spring!

Between classes, you would….

Stop by Wesley Foundation, nap in random locations on campus, ride the bus for fun, walk to Eckie's Pond.

Most memorable class at MSU:

Ghost Stories of China and Japan.

Favorite Student Organization & why:

Wesley Foundation for the community I found there and Wesley's just overall hospitality

When you visit Starkville, be sure and….

Get a snowcone at Starkvegas Snowballs in the Cotton District

These are a few of my favorite things….

Nerdy thing: Harry Potter; Color: Green; Season: Fall; Band/musician: Of Monsters and Men/Taylor Swift; Hobby: Traveling (if it counts); Drink at Starbucks: Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream; Thanksgiving dish: Sweet Potato Casserole; Disney Movie: Lion King; Sport: Soccer; TV show: Avatar: The Last Airbender; Ice cream flavor: cookie two-step