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Walker Jenkins

  • Gulf Coast, MS
  • Southern Louisiana


Hi! My name is Walker Jenkins and I am from Oxford, Mississippi. I chose to come to Mississippi State because of the wonderful and caring people here. I chose to have my picture taken at Chadwick Lake because of the beauty and serenity of the place. In college, and in life in general, I think it is super important to take time to enjoy nature and slow things down a little bit. The lake is the perfect place for just that! 

Cowbell Chat

Get to know me

What is the one experience students shouldn't miss?

Being in the student section when the Egg Bowl is at home is an incredible experience unlike any other.

Best place to study on campus:

The study rooms in the library were definitely my favorite places to study

Tips for college success:

My best tips for college success are go to class, study a little more than you think you need to, and know your limitations. Don't let yourself get too stressed out.

What is campus on game day like?

Campus is like a small town festival with more great people than you can imagine.

When you visit Starkville, be sure and...

stop at the pianos downtown.

Why did you choose to become an admissions counselor?

I love MSU and I love helping people. I really want to help people discover the family I found in Starkville and have an amazing college experience.