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  • January 4, 2019


Registration Information

Open Enrollment and registration for Spring Orientation begins Monday, November 12th at 9:00 a.m. Students may choose to contact their academic department and speak with an advisor to schedule their spring classes through Open Enrollment or register to participate in Spring Orientation. 

Spring Orientation is a half-day event designed to give students the opportunity to register for their spring classes, as well as welcome new students and parents into the Bulldog family!

To participate in Open Enrollment:

  1. You must be admitted to MSU.
  2. Contact your academic department and ask to speak with an advisor. *This is at the discretion/availability of an advisor. Some departments do not participate in Open Enrollment and require students to attend Spring Orientation. 
  3. Schedule your classes for the spring semester!
  4. Make sure you are ready for the spring semester with our New Student Checklist

*Students who participate in Open Enrollment will be assessed a $30 one-time registration fee, which will be placed on the student's account. 

To Register for Spring Orientation: 

  1. You must be admitted to MSU.
  2. Use your NetID from MSU and the NetPassword you created for your online application. 
  3. You must have a valid credit card to register online.


Please click here if you have forgotten your NetPassword or if you applied to MSU using a paper application. PIf you prefer to register by mail, please use the Mail-In Orientation Registration Form.

Program Highlights

ORIENTATION 2019 Guests will get a special university welcome. Program announcements are also made that will help you during your time at Spring Orientation.
REGISTRAR'S SESSION The University Registrar will provide an overview of the course registration procedures at MSU, while demonstrating the university's web registration system.
ACADEMIC ADVISING AND CLASS REGISTRATION Students are advised and register for their Spring classes in a group setting with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Orientation Fees

Orientation rates include the class registration fee for students and parent information book upon arrival.

All Orientation fees are non-refundable.

Students who participate in Open Enrollment will be assessed a $30 one-time registration fee, which will be placed on the student's account. 





What to Bring

  • Casual clothes
  • Comfortable shoes (You'll be doing a lot of walking!)
  • Spending money (Barnes & Noble has great MSU gear!)
  • Rainwear (just in case!)
  • Sweater or jacket (some meeting rooms can be a little chilly)
  • Proof of immunization (students) if not already provided to the university
  • Net ID and Net Password for class registration (students)

Parking & Directions

Parking and Driving Directions

Where to Stay

Starkville has many options for where to stay during Orientation. Check out our local hotels that offer Southern hospitality as soon as you walk in the door!

Where to Stay


Tentative Schedule