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Samantha Seamon

Hometown: Prattville, AL

Major: Forestry

Sam grew up hunting, fishing and being in the woods.

“When I heard about the career paths available through MSU's College of Forest Resources, it lined up with everything I enjoy and everything I want to preserve.”

"I feel like I already have a job in place. The amount of business cards in my wallet is amazing to me.”

Sam's department has taken her around the nation to meet professional foresters. That is, when they aren't coming to her.

Taylor Bocage

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Major: Fashion Design and Merchandising

Watching Project Runway as a kid, Taylor dreamed of joining the fashion industry. She looked at specialized design schools but felt MSU had more to offer. By her first year, Taylor was networking with fashion execs in New York
and even snagged an interview.

“My professors coached me on everything from what to wear to what questions to ask if I got a job offer." 

But her world is bigger than fashion.

Shelby DeBlieux

Throughout my undergraduate years at MSU I spent the most time in Montgomery Hall office 250 where the MSU RoadRunners are housed. RoadRunner was arguably the single best part of my MSU years. In fact, RoadRunner cultivated the deep love I possess for MSU today and played a huge role in my decision to pursue being an Admissions Counselor for Mississippi State University. Montgomery Hall was and is my home on MSU’s campus – I chose the atrium specifically for its beauty and for the view it provides over the office of admissions.

Walker Jenkins

Hi! My name is Walker Jenkins Oxford, Mississippi and I chose to come to Mississippi State because of the wonderful and caring people here. I chose to have my picture taken at Chadwick Lake because of the beauty and serenity of the place. In college, and in life in general, I think it is super important to take time to enjoy nature and slow things down a little bit. The lake is the perfect place for just that! 

TiShawn (Shawn) Polk

Majoring in psychology became a defining moment of my undergraduate career. My passion is understanding the most complex organisms on this earth and that of course is people! Magruder Hall became my home away from home as I not only developed my academic pursuits, but I also developed great friendships with my classmate and professors.

Sally Wilson

I took my photo in front of Montgomery Hall. The reason is, when I was a student here I was a member of the Roadrunners organization where I was able to give tours to prospective students. Giving tours to students who were undecided or already pumped about MSU was so rewarding. I loved being able to meet and interact with families from all walks of life and tell them about this wonderful place I call home. Montgomery Hall started my love for MSU and now continues it with my opportunity to work here full time!


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