High School Course Requirements

To be accepted into the freshmen class at Mississippi State University, students must satisfactorily complete the following College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) with an appropriate core grade-point average:

English: 4 Carnegie Units

  • All must require substantial skills (i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking).  Compensatory Reading and Writing may not be included.

Mathematics: 3 Carnegie Units

  • Algebra I or its equivalent
  • Math higher than Algebra I (2 units)

Science: 3 Carnegie Units

  • Biology I or its equivalent
  • Science higher than Biology I (2 units)

Social Studies: 3 Carnegie Units

  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • U.S. Government (1/2 Unit)
  • Economics (1/2 unit) or Introduction to World Geography (1/2 unit)

Arts: 1 Carnegie Unit

  • Includes any one Carnegie unit (or two ½ units) of visual and performing art course(s) meeting the requirements for high school graduation.

Advanced Electives: 2 Carnegie Units

  • Option 1: Foreign Language I and Foreign Language II
  • Option 2: Foreign Language I and Advanced World Geography
  • Option 3: Any combination of English, Mathematics higher than Algebra I, Science higher than Biology I, Advanced Elective category, any AP course, any IB course

Technology: ½ Carnegie Unit

  • A course that emphasizes the use of technology as a productivity tool.  Instruction should be utilizing various forms of technology to create, collaborate, organize, and publish information.  The application of technology as a productivity tool, rather than specific hardware and/or software packages should be the focus of the course.


Total Carnegie Units: 16 ½


  • Pre-High School Units: Courses taken prior to high school will be accepted for admission provided the course earns Carnegie credit and the content is the same as the high school course.
  • Substitutions: Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses can be substituted for each requirement in the College Preparatory Curriculum.
  • Course Acceptance: A course may not be used to satisfy more than one requirement.
  • The Required and Recommended College Preparatory Curricula (CPC) are approved by the IHL Board of Trustees, and the IHL Office of Academic and Student Affairs maintains a complete list of courses that can be used to satisfy the CPC requirements.  See www.mississippi.edu/admissions/