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Shelby DeBlieux

Throughout my undergraduate years at MSU I spent the most time in Montgomery Hall office 250 where the MSU RoadRunners are housed. RoadRunner was arguably the single best part of my MSU years. In fact, RoadRunner cultivated the deep love I possess for MSU today and played a huge role in my decision to pursue being an Admissions Counselor for Mississippi State University. Montgomery Hall was and is my home on MSU’s campus – I chose the atrium specifically for its beauty and for the view it provides over the office of admissions. Serving in this office in an official capacity is a dream and I am so excited to be here.

What are your 3 favorite things about MSU?

1.The family atmosphere 2.All the food on campus 3. MAFES Cheese and Ice Cream

Favorite season on campus?


What advice do you have for future students?

Get involved in something on campus, it doesn't matter what, but it can make or break your entire college experience.

Favorite Student Organization & why?

RoadRunner. As a transfer student it gave me a place to call home on campus, and I am forever thankful.

When you visit Starkville, be sure and...

Walk through the Cotton District at sunset.

Why did you choose to become an admissions counselor?

Having worked in the Office of Admissions and Scholarships throughout my years at MSU, I knew that showing students why they should attend the University was something I was really passionate about. When the position came open, I knew it was divine intervention that I would get this opportunity.  

Shelby DeBlieux Photo in Montgomery Atrium

Email: ses889@msstate.edu

States: Alabama Florida

Region: Gulf Coast, AL and FL Panhandle