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TiShawn (Shawn) Polk

Majoring in psychology became a defining moment of my undergraduate career. My passion is understanding the most complex organisms on this earth and that of course is people! Magruder Hall became my home away from home as I not only developed my academic pursuits, but I also developed great friendships with my classmate and professors.

What is the one experience students shouldn't miss?

My favorite experiences with MSU involved volunteering through the Maroon Volunteer Center. It's a great way to serve the Starkville community as well as greater Mississippi and really see the beautiful state in which we live.

Favorite season on campus?

My favorite season on campus is definitely the Winter. I enjoy cold weather and the new winter scenery of the leaves and grass changing colors.

Favorite Class Project at MSU?

In my social psychology lab, my lab mates and I conducted an experiment to see if strangers would intervene in staged scenarios. This was all IRB approved, so students, don't try this without consent!

I loved living in the residence hall because…

I lived in Cresswell my freshman year, and I absolutely loved the experience. Living in a residence hall is a great way to develop life-long friendships, stay involved with on-campus events, and probably most importantly, increase your chances of being early for your 8 a.m. classes!

What's your favorite restaurant in Starkville?

My favorite restaurant is The Little Dooey. They have some of the best pulled pork sandwiches and fried catfish I've ever had the opportunity to sample.

Something about you that surprises people:

From the looks of it, people wouldn’t know that I love to sing. I've been fortunate enough to perform on a cruise ship, as Seawood in the musical Hairspray, and even during a season of MSU Idol.

TiShawn (Shawn) Polk Sitting on steps of Magruder

Phone: 662.418.9961

Email: t.polk@msstate.edu

States: Louisiana Mississippi

Region: Central Mississippi & North Louisiana