Special Program For Academically Talented Students | Office of Admissions and Scholarships

Special Program For Academically Talented Students

Students that meet the requirements below may apply for admission as a SPATS student to earn regular college credit.

SPATS is for academically talented students who:

  • Have finished their junior year in high school, as judged by their high school officials
  • In the judgment of parents and high school administrators are mature enough to profit from a summer’s work in college
  • Have a standard composite minimum score of 24 on the ACT or equivalent SAT score

SPATS students may take courses during the spring, summer, or fall term. Courses taken must not be equivalent to those taken in the senior year of high school. Students are expected to return to high school and finish a normal senior year. The courses may not be substituted for high school credits to meet college admission requirements. Credit is reserved until the student has graduated from high school.

Students who complete a semester as part of SPATS will be contingently admitted as a student for the fall term following their date of high school graduation. The contingency will be based on completion of high school courses in progress and graduation from high school. A final high school transcript will be required before full acceptance. No application fee will be required other than the initial fee that must accompany the SPATS application.

To be considered for SPATS, students must complete an application.