Scholarships Notice

Students who are unable to take the ACT or SAT may submit the General Scholarship Application to be reviewed holistically for scholarship consideration.  

Other Scholarship

Boys Nation/Girls Nation Scholarship

Priority Date

Priority Date Aug 01, 2021


2021 Fall2022 Spring2022 Fall2023 Spring OnlineStarkville Freshman MS ResidentNon-Resident

$6,000 over four years, $1,500 per year



Award Criteria

  • Must have a scholarship GPA of 3.0 and be an entering freshmen
  • Entering freshmen who are named as governor to their state OR the state delegate to Boys Nation/Girls Nation
  • Submission of the General Scholarship Application
  • Submission of Boys/Girls State Scholarship application found in the "Recommended" list under the "Opportunities" tab in the MSU scholarship portal
  • A copy of award certificate or letter from council leader must be uploaded into the MSU scholarship portal