Scholarships Notice

Amounts listed here are for the 2021-2022 academic year. Scholarship amounts are reviewed each year and subject to change.

Other Scholarship

Provost Scholarships

Priority Date

Priority Date Dec 01, 2020


2021 Fall OnlineStarkville Freshman MS ResidentNon-Resident

Worth approximately $41,850 over four years, $8,910 per year







Award Information

  • Academic scholarship of $8,910 per year and a $4,000 scholarship for study abroad
  • Non-resident students may also receive a scholarship to cover up to 100% of the out-of-state portion of tuition
  • A research grant of $1,500 for academic research and/or creative discovery
  • A one-summer optional tuition credit of $1,000 ($2,400 for non-resident) and one summer of free housing in Griffis Hall
  • An optional $750 travel grant to a conference (to be provided by Honors)
  • Begin active research no later than the spring of the second year and produce a research report and present at one of the Mississippi State undergraduate research symposia.
  • Participate in provost scholar activities, including talks and gatherings and work with the director of prestigious external fellowships and pursue such fellowships.
  • Provost Scholarships replace Academic Excellence and Colvard Future Leader Scholarships

Award Criteria

  • Minimum 3.75 GPA and 30 or higher ACT