Image Alternative Text: A incoming freshman student at orientation. She is sitting on a bench outside of the Union beside her mother wearing a green top and glasses. Her mother is wearing a grey shirt with a tan hat.

Freshman Orientation

Officially become a part of the Bulldog family by signing up for orientation! Join us for a variety of events and information sessions as we share MSU resources to prepare our freshman students for an exciting phase of life-college.

Orientation For Freshmen

Image Alternative Text: A transfer student with his parents at PTK Orientation standing outside of the Colvard Student Union.

Transfer Orientation

Signing up for Orientation is your official way of confirming your attendance at MSU. Throughout orientation, transfer students will gain resources and insightful information about what it means to become a part of the Bulldog family. 

Orientation For Transfers

Image Alternative Text: A picture of downtown Meridian Campus. In the picture there is a light pole with two fags on it, one with Bully on it with the title "Riley Campus" and the other flag is maroon and white with the Msstate logo on it with the title "Rosenbaum Building." There is also a sign on the building behind the light pole that has a "Mississippi State University" on it.

Other Campuses

Enrollment information for students attending classes in Meridian, Gulf Coast, or Online. 

Enrollment Information