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Become an Orientation Leader

Orientation Leader Staff Member

The Orientation Leader (OL) is an integral part of the Division of Academic Affairs staff. The OL reports directly to the Director of Orientation.  As a member of the staff, the OL will be required to:

  • have an office hour each week during the fall semester and spring semester
  • attend a three-hour course credit training class each MWF during the spring semester 11-11:50 a.m.
  • attend a staff development meeting or activity on Tuesday and Thursday, 2 to 4 p.m. during the spring semester 
  • attend training sessions prior to the beginning of the Summer Orientation Program, as well as any other meeting/training as assigned by the Director of Orientation. 

Job Duration and Salary

OL duties begin in September and go through the following September with the paid portion of the OL job beginning mid-May and ending beginning of July. OLs will be expected to assist with Fall and Spring recruitment events. The Office of Orientation & Events provides $2,000.00 stipend, meal plan and housing for all Orientation Leaders during the summer. 

Eligibility and Qualifications

OL positions are available to full-time undergraduate students who:

  • entered MSU as Freshmen and have attended MSU for at least two full semesters 
  • entered MSU as a Transfer student

OL applicants must not hold another job of any nature - on or off campus – during the Summer Orientation season. Students must have a cumulative 2.5 grade-point average or better to apply for and hold an OL position. The OL may not take any course during Maymester or the first-term summer session. There is a limit to taking no more than 16 hours during the spring semester including the 3hr OL course mentioned above.  


Orientation Leaders work with the Orientation & Events Staff in the preparation and implementation of the Orientation Program and other on-campus recruiting events. Orientation Leaders will be expected to know general information pertaining to the eight colleges and schools, information pertaining to the Division of Student Affairs, and the university as a whole. The OL also will be expected to lead campus/bus tours, write to prospective students, develop visual aids, and perform additional duties as required by the Director of Orientation. Furthermore, Orientation Leaders must attend a Leadership Retreat to be held in May. Along with these requirements, Orientation Leaders will follow guidelines and perform activities as directed by the Director of Orientation.


Applications for 2024 Orientation Leader have closed.  Applications for Orientation Leader will open each August.  For questions, contact

Office of Orientation & Events 

Jake Hartfield, Director

Sally Rutland, Associate Director

Brittany White, Assistant Director

Brooke Hathorn, Coordinator

Michael Martin, Business Coordinator

Anders Hedrick, Graduate Assistant