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Orientation is an exciting event where you and your family members will get a personalized experience on campus and learn about all the resources MSU has to offer. You will meet with your academic advisers to register for classes and gain an overview of your program. Throughout orientation, you will learn about student organizations, meal plans, residence halls, financial resources, and so much more! We want your transition into MSU to be as smooth as possible and the first step starts with signing up for orientation. We can’t wait to welcome you into our Bulldog family. Hail State!

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Transfer Orientation


Academic Advising and Class Registration

Students are advised and register for their classes in a group setting with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Registrar's Session

The University Registrar will provide an overview of the course registration procedures at MSU, while demonstrating the university's web registration system.

University Billing Cycle

Student accounts are to be paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan, by August 1st for the Fall semesters, or January 1st for the Spring semesters. Payment plans give students the option to disperse the bill over four months. During Orientation, you can learn more about enrolling in a payment plan and how to access your account to do so. 

Cost to Attend

1-Day Sessions

Students $100
Guests $60

Spring Orientation
1-Day Session

Students $85
Guests $50

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I attend a later session will I still get the classes they need?
    Yes, you will get the classes you need, but there might be fewer options for class times. We also open up sections of courses throughout the summer.

  • When do I make my student ID?
    Students will need to submit a photo for their student identification card PRIOR to attending their Orientation session. Directions and instructions will be provided in the Pre-Orientation course.

  • What does the cost to attend payment for orientation sessions cover?
    For one-day events, the cost to attend covers the one-time registration fee, the orientation guide, student ID, a t-shirt, a lunch meal voucher, and the student's Hail State flag.

  • If students attend PTK orientation, they do not have to attend another session?
    The orientation session for PTK is a full orientation session designed for high-achieving students. The student will not have to attend any other sessions if they attend the PTK Session. PTK Orientation is for students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa.

  • How will I register for classes?
    Students will be contacted by an advisor prior to their orientation session about course scheduling but will still confirm their schedule at orientation and can make changes that that time. 

  • Why should I sign-up for an Orientation Session?
    Registering for Orientation is the best way to confirm your intent to enroll at MSU. Orientation is an exciting event for incoming freshmen and transfer students (and their families) to gain information that will prepare you for your time at MSU. Students will learn about student life, hear from a variety of administrators, meet other incoming students and register for classes! 

  • What if a session becomes full and it is the only one that I can attend?
    In order to provide each student and parent/guardian the individual attention needed to successfully enter Mississippi State University, Orientation sessions are capped. Registration for each session has a first-come, first-served policy. Students can contact the Orientation office and be placed on a waitlist if space becomes available. It will be honored on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • What should I bring to Orientation?
    Students should bring a smartphone, laptop, or tablet in order to register for classes at Orientation. It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and casual clothes (it will be hot!). We also recommend that you bring a raincoat and/or umbrella if the forecast calls for rain. Students and guests should bring money for meals, coffee, and soft drinks. Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State will be open throughout the program, as well, for textbook pre-orders, MSU apparel, and other items.

  • I have mobility issues. Can I still participate in Orientation?
    Yes! We will work to provide alternate transportation for those with mobility issues to various locations during Orientation. In order for accommodations to be made, please be sure to include that information when you register for Orientation online; or feel free to contact our office to let us know if you will need alternate transportation or special assistance.

  • I have a disability. What accommodations can be made during Orientation?
    When signing up for an Orientation, there is a place to let us know if you need any special accommodations. You are also more than welcome to contact the Office of Orientation & Events at 662-325-2334 if you have a disability and require special accommodations. The Orientation staff team will work with the Disability Resource Center to provide assistance during the event.

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