Frequently Asked Questions | Office of Admissions and Scholarships

FAQ: Dual Enrollment


How will my Dual Enrollment courses transfer over?

Please take a look at the Transfer Equivalency Sheet, here.

If I have enough college credit hours, does that mean I don’t have to live on campus?

No. All first-time freshmen are required to live on campus. College credit hours may put you ahead academically, but you are still required to live on campus if you are an incoming freshman student (having just graduated from high school).

Is there a limit to the amount of college credit hours I can transfer to MSU?

No, but you may want to check with the academic department of your intended major to be sure the courses your taking will count toward that degree.

My Dual Enrollment credits are on my high school transcript. Is that all need?

No, we need a transcript from every institution that granted you credits. We will need your high school transcript, but we will also need the transcript from the community college that granted you the college credits as well.