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FAQ: Housing


If I have enough college credit hours, does that mean I don’t have to live on campus?

No. All first-time freshmen are required to live on campus. College credit hours may put you ahead academically, but you are still required to live on campus if you are an incoming freshman student (having just graduated from high school).

Are students required to live in university student housing?

MSU does have a Freshman Residency Requirement (FRR). Full-time freshman students are required to live in university student housing. Research has shown living on-campus as a freshman has numerous educational and social benefits. To read more about the MSU FRR click here.

If I am an incoming freshman and I am required to live on campus, do I still need to apply for housing?

Yes! After you are admitted to you university, the Department of Housing and Residence Life will send you an email link prompting you to apply for housing.

Will I be able to live on campus after my freshman year if I would like to?

Students who would like to renew their housing contract for the next year go through a process called Renewal Selection Verification Process (RSVP). RSVP allows students to apply to renew their housing contracts for the upcoming academic year. The Department of Housing and Residence Life will send out notifications letting students know about RSVP at the beginning of the spring semester each year. 

Are there housing accommodations available during Orientation?

Yes! On-campus housing will be available during summer orientation sessions. Rooms will include individual bathrooms (please bring towels) and two extra-long twin beds with basic linens. Students and parents can reserve Orientation Housing after signing up for an orientation session. To learn more about overnight accommodations on-campus, visit

You may also find off-campus accommodations at some of our local hotels by visiting

Please DO NOT make any reservations until after you have successfully signed up for an orientation session.