FAQ: Registering For Classes


If I attend a later session will I still get the classes I need?

Yes, you will get the classes you need, but there might be fewer options for class times. We also open up sections of courses throughout the summer.

If I attend an earlier session of Orientation, will I have a better chance of getting classes?

The earlier you attend orientation the more choices you will have available for class selection (preferred times, professors, etc.). All students, no matter which orientation session they attend, will leave orientation with a schedule that works for their major. The Registrar’s Office works very closely with all departments during orientation to ensure that students leave orientation with the best possible schedule. All students who are registered for an orientation session will be pre-scheduled in 12-15 hours of classes. When a student attends orientation and participates in course registration, they can look at the classes they have been pre-scheduled in, make any changes, ask questions, etc. We have many students who are not able to attend one of our May/June/July sessions, which means students will be registering for classes all the way up until classes begin in August!

I need to leave Orientation early, can I register for my classes before the scheduled time in the program?

Students are encouraged to attend a session in which they can fully participate. Students will not be allowed to register for classes until the designated academic advisement and registration time in the orientation schedule..

I have not yet submitted the required immunization form. Can I still register for classes?

Students must submit an MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) immunization form before they are allowed to register for classes. It is recommended that you return your completed form before attending Orientation. The Longest Student Health Center accepts immunization records from physicians and health departments. You can submit your immunization records via the link provided in your applicant portal at https://goto.msstate.edu/apply/status.  You will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your immunization record. If you have general questions concerning the status of your immunization records, please contact the Health Center via email: health@msstate.edu (preferred method) or by phone 662-325-0706.

Will I receive one-on-one help with scheduling classes? What will the process be like and how long will it take?

Students will be contacted by an advisor prior to their orientation session about course scheduling but will still confirm their schedule at orientation and can make changes that that time.