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Army ROTC In-College Scholarship Program


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Award Information

Amount dependent on the total number of recipients. Total of $60,000 in funds to be distributed. Funds are distributed on or about the mid-point of each semester.

Award Criteria

  • Army ROTC scholarship recipient in good standing
  • Contracted to Commission as a 2LT, OR satisfactory progress during the semester to accomplish contracting
  • Overall Mississippi State GPA of 2.5 minimum, with a previous semester minimum of 2.0 


  • Earn program participation points during the prior semester by participating in Army ROTC extracurricular events, participating in university or community service, or assisting in recruiting a student to become a cadet


  • Demonstrate sufficient and exceptional financial need to the Professor of Military Science

Scholarships Notice

Mississippi State University awards automatic scholarships based on specific academic criteria. Calculate your potential amounts using our scholarship calculator. Opportunities for additional scholarships, such as departmental or private scholarships, are available based on submission of the General Scholarship Application, which opens on October 1, 2024, for students entering in summer/fall 2025.

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