Scholarships Notice

Students who are unable to take the ACT or SAT may submit the General Scholarship Application to be reviewed holistically for scholarship consideration.  

Other Scholarship

Transfer Alumni Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship


2021 Fall2022 Spring2022 Fall2023 Spring Starkville Community College Transfer4-Year Institution Transfer Non-Resident

$8,000 over two years, $4,000 per year



Award Criteria

  • The Alumni Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship is available to non-resident children of MSU alumni. Qualifications for alumni status: receiving a degree from MSU or 48 hours toward a degree at MSU.
  • Minimum overall transfer GPA of 3.0 
  • MSU offers an alumni non-resident tuition scholarship to help offset the non-resident portion of tuition. Students can receive up to $4,000 a year for 2 years. However, amounts will vary. Students can stack the Community College Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship with the Alumni Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship. However, these scholarships cannot exceed the non-resident portion of tuition.