Veteran, Service-Member, Dependent, Spouse, Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

Award Information

100% of the non-resident portion of tuition is waived for veterans, active duty service members, and their dependents.

Award Criteria

  • The student must upload one of the following documents to be evaluated for the non-resident tuition waiver. The document must state Honorable Discharge and the student must be a direct dependent of the military member:

    • Veteran/Service member’s final DD214 form 4 

    • Veteran/Service member’s final NGB 22 

    • Veteran/Service member’s Certificate of Discharge

    • Veteran/Service member’s military ID 

    • Veteran/Service member’s current orders 

  • The student will receive an email if additional documents are required. 

  • All documents can be uploaded directly through the student’s application portal.

**If awarded the Non-Resident Military Tuition Waiver, students would not receive non-resident-specific scholarships.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there other scholarships for military-connected students?

Yes. The Center for America’s Veterans offers competitive scholarships that only military-connected students are eligible to apply for. To apply you must submit the General Scholarship Application. 

Can I still get automatic scholarships with the waiver?

Yes. If you are eligible for the Freshman Academic Excellence Scholarship and/or Colvard Future Leader Scholarship, you can still receive those scholarships. Students using the waiver are not able to use Non-Resident specific scholarships, such as the Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship.

Do I have to reapply for the waiver every year?

No. Once you are awarded the waiver, you will automatically have it all of your undergraduate career.