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Austin Fitch

  • Memphis, Tennessee & Haywood County
  • North West Mississippi
  • Arkansas


Hey future Bulldogs! My name is Austin Fitch, and I am from Columbus, MS. My favorite place on campus is without a doubt the Chapel of Memories which is why I chose to have my picture taken there. It is such a calming place, and most of the time, you can hear a student playing the piano which enhances the peaceful mood even more. I also think it is really cool how the bricks from the remains of Old Main were used to create the chapel.


Get to know me

Best on-campus treat?

The best on-campus treat is ice cream from the MAFES store. Any flavor offered there is amazing, but the Muscadine Ripple has to be my favorite. Strawberry comes in a close second place.

How would you describe the atmosphere at MSU?

The one word that I always use to describe the atmosphere at MSU is family. No matter where you are from, there is a place for you here, and people show love as soon as you step on campus.

Favorite MSU Professor?

My favorite professor that I took while at MSU was 100% Dr. Albert Bisson. I was a communication major and needed a humanities class to take, so I took his World Religions 2 course. On the first day of class, he played a Queen album the entire time, and I knew he was the man from that point on. He was so genuine and really showed that he cared for you as a student. Also, he is from the U.K., so his accent made him extremely easy to listen to.

Favorite Student Organization & why?

My favorite Student Organization that I was a part of is Orientation Leader. I served as an OL during the summer of 2016, and it was one of the most fun and most memorable experiences of my life. I got to meet and become lifelong friends and also got to give back to the university at the same time. I cannot say enough about what getting to be an OL means to me.

What's your favorite restaurant in Starkville?

My favorite restaurant in Starkville is actually not even a restaurant. It is Vowell's Marketplace, which is a grocery store here in town. The lunch plate that they serve daily is truly remarkable. They serve as much soul food as you are willing to eat. I probably ate there 3 to 4 times a week my senior year of college. Truly, it is a hidden gem.

Something about you that surprises people:

I have a condition called Duane's Syndrome which causes my left eye to only be able to turn to the right. If I want to look to the left, I have to turn my whole head in that direction. I have gotten pretty good at making sure people cannot detect it though. Also, because of my peanut allergy, I have never eaten at Chick-Fil-A. Some people have told me that the peanut oil that they use somehow would not cause a reaction, but I have never taken the chance.