S.G. Maddox | Office of Admissions and Scholarships
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S.G. Maddox

  • Assistant Director of Student Recruitment
  • Atlanta Metro, North Georgia,
  • New York, New Jersey


Hello! My name is Sarah Gresham Maddox, and I am originally from Nashville. I have lived all over the southeast, and call Atlanta home now. When I’m not cheering on my Bulldogs, you can find me tackling a new challenge at my sewing machine, cooking up something delicious in my kitchen, or hitting up any of the awesome live music venues around Atlanta. For me, McCool Hall has the best view of the Drill Field which, to me, represents how Mississippi State is a big school with a tight-knit community. I could always count on running into an old friend or a new acquaintance outside of McCool at class-change time, and I really loved that. It made me feel at home to see familiar faces in a sea of people.



Get to know me

Favorite fun fact about MSU:

The Chapel of Memories was partly built with bricks from an old dorm that burned down (thankfully no one was hurt). I love how they chose to weave the memory of a tragedy into a place that symbolizes joy and hope.

Favorite season on campus:

Definitely fall! It's so fun to see old friends reuniting after a summer apart, freshmen jumping into college life, and, of course, football season!

Favorite Class Project at MSU:

My capstone Public Relations project where my team and I created a full-scale PR plan for the Cobb Institute of Archaeology, complete with a pitch meeting at the end of the semester. It was so much work but so rewarding!

I loved living in the residence hall because…

My residence hall was super tight-knit, and going through our first semester of college together created a really strong bond! I'm still friends with several people who lived in Griffis with me.

What advice do you have for future students?

Take a class that has absolutely nothing to do with your major, just because it interests you! I took Biblical Hebrew with Dr. Bisson just for fun my senior year and it was a great class.

General About Me:

I grew up in Nashville, but have lived all over the Southeast and call Atlanta home now. I love to sew, cook, watch soccer, and run around with my beagle puppy and my husband!