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Obuchi Aga


Marketing, concentration in Digital Marketing


Terry, MS

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"If I told you about my amazing time here at Mississippi State, you would be reading for the next couple of hours.  I underestimated how fast the years would fly by.  My advice to anyone reading, cherish the good times.  I never would've imagined a university that showed me such incredible people, memories, and lessons.  I owe all thanks to God for allowing me this opportunity, getting me through, and keeping me.

Mississippi State is a launchpad for limitless opportunities. I know students who have gone on to work, learn, and serve at the highest levels around the globe because of their time at Mississippi State. No matter where you want to be or how you want to get there, Mississippi State is the best starting point anyone could ask for. If you have dreams to pursue, come to Mississippi State.

I chose Mississippi State because I wanted to be able to give back. Mississippi State University has given me the unique opportunity to serve my fellow students and the community during my undergraduate experience, something I am forever grateful for. The friendly, respectful attitude that faculty, staff, and administration have towards students has made this position fun and exciting and has allowed me to create real, impactful change on campus.

A piece of of advice that I would tell incoming students to always pursue new experiences and become as involved as possible. Mississippi State has so much to give and so many incredible opportunities for you, you just have to be willing to take them."